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Gentle Beast Videos

Gentle Beast Videos

Gentle Beast Videos
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Gentle Beast - Joint Venture (Official Video)

Gentle Beast - Joint Venture (Official Video)

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Gentle Beast - Asteroid Miner (Official Lyrics)

Gentle Beast - Asteroid Miner (Official Lyrics)

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Gentle Beast - Toxic Times (Official Video)

Gentle Beast - Toxic Times (Official Video)

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Gentle Beast was formed in 2017 with the obsession for low-tuned fuzz guitars and psychedelic stoner tunes. The foundation of the sound is set by rhythm machine Alex Streit and the heavy bass of Tobi Rickli. Joining in are the distorted guitar walls of Manu "Cioffi" Ciofalo and Janek Huschke. Band founder Timo Dinter acts as singer and frontman, floating between the stage and the audience.


Since formation, Gentle Beast has played memorable gigs at the Setalight Festival Berlin, Atlantis Basel, or Rote Fabrik Zürich and has shared the stage with known bands of the genre like High Reeper (US), Rodeo (ESP), or DUEL (US). After the joint performance of the latter, Texan guitarist Jeff Henson (DUEL) reached out to the Swiss band and ended up mixing their self-titled debut album released in 2023.



Past Gigs

27.05.23 Metal Café Lörrach (DE)
13.04.23 KULTA Olten (SO)
28.04.23 Sommercasino (BS)
31.03.23 3. Stock Herisau
22.03.23 Ebrietas (ZH)
17.03.23 Rockfact Münchenstein, Support for "Disillusion"
09.12.22 Rote Fabrik (ZH)
29.07.22 Bikertreff Biking Nomades (DE)
21.04.22 Sudhaus (BS)
16.04.22 Treppenhaus Rorschach
15.04.22 Rote Fabrik (ZH)
04.09.21 JKF Basel
18.09.21 Bruchbrothers (LU)
01.10.20 Atlantis (BS)

30.11.19 Schlosskeller Emmendingen (DE)
16.11.19 Wärkstatt (BS)
26.10.19 Ebrietas (ZH)
11.10.19 Setalight Festival Berlin
04.10.19 Heimathafen Lörrach
11.06.19 Irrsinbar, Support for "Duel"
30.05.19 Harley-Davidson & Custom Car Club Wetterau e.V.
28.04.19 SPH Music Masters, Qualification Round, Zürich (ZH)
22.03.19 Fässli, Liestal (BL)
10.03.19 Hebdi Fescht, Liestal (BL)
25.01.19 Redrocks (BS)
15.12.18 supp. for Diabas, Abwärtz, Oberrotweil (DE)
09.12.18 Benefiz Save RedRocks, Sud (BS)
30.11.18 Im Fässli, Liestal, BL
15.09.18 Sprungbrätt Festival, Allschwil (BL)
11.08.18 Raven's Cave, Rock Night 2, Lörrach (DE)
04.08.18 Openair No Biz Chille, Riehen, BS
22.06.18 20 Jahre Tagesklinik Münchenstein, BL
05.05.18 Jugi Badhüsli, opener for Don'tPanic, Cosmic Bang (BS)
03.05.18 Coq d'Or Olten,as support for High Reeper (SO)
02.03.18 Gastspiel Bscene, Unternehmen Mitte, BS
02.02.18, Jukebox Basel, with Don't Panic (BS)
26.01.18, Rote Fabrik, Ziegel Oh Lac, opener for Asbest, Hathors, (ZH)
18.01.18, Hirscheneck, Trinity Vol 54, BS
16.12.17, Rockfact, Münchenstein, BL
25.11.17, Wärkstatt, as Support for Krane (BS)



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